SIP-adus Workshop 2022

Abstracts & Speakers List

Opening Session
In this session, speakers from each area like US, Europe, Asia will introduce latest research activities and topics regarding automated driving, including keynote speech from executives.

Welcome Speech

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    Sanae Takaichi

    Minister of State for Science and Technology Policy
    Cabinet Office

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    Tomoko Ueki

    Doshisha University

    Professor, Faculty of Letters, Department of Japanese Literature, Doshisha University
    Ms. Ueki joined Doshisha University in 2005, then had served as Dean, Faculty of Letters, Dean, Graduate School of Letters, Executive Dean, Organization for Educational Support and Vice President. She is in the current position since April 2020.
    She is expert of the Medieval Japanese songs and entertainments, such as Imayo: the popular style Japanese songs prevalent in the Late-Heian period (around 12C AD), and Ko-uta: songs composed with shorter poetry and prose popular among every class of hierarchy in Late-Muromachi period (around 16C AD) , to study how the songs gave freshness and attractiveness to the people in those days, considering relation to other entertainments, such as Saru-gaku: the circus style comedy play accompanied drum dancing, Den-gaku: the rustic folk dance and song for rice planting, Noh: the dance-drama and Kyogen: the comic theatre.

Keynote Speaker

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    Vincent Gerard White

    Senior Advisor for Innovation
    Office of the Secretary
    The United States Department of Transportation
    The United States of America

    Vinn is responsible for coordinating Secretarial initiatives on emerging transportation technologies, including automated driving systems, unmanned aircraft systems, surface vehicle-to-everything connectivity, and other innovative mobility models.
    Vinn is returning to the USDOT after having previously served as the Acting Assistant Secretary/Deputy Assistant Secretary for the Department in 2016, where he was the chief architect for USDOT’s 30-Year Transportation plan, Beyond Traffic. During the Obama Administration, Vinn was part of a core group of advisors who led the Department’s work to drive transportation innovation across multiple domains, including shaping connected and autonomous vehicle policies, administering a round of AV proving ground designations, launching the Advisory Committee on Transportation Automation, and supporting the 2016 Smart City Challenge.
    Altogether, Vinn has worked with four USDOT Secretaries and received the Secretary’s Gold Medal for Outstanding Achievement for leading the development of Beyond Traffic and efforts related to launching a national dialogue about the future of our transportation system.
    Previously, Vinn served as a senior advisor to New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy, where he advised on transportation and mobility policy and worked closely with NJ’s Department of Transportation, Motor Vehicle Commission, NJ TRANSIT, and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey to inform State strategies and approaches. During this period, he coordinated the New Jersey Autonomous Vehicle Task Force, helped launch the Partnership to Plug-In— a cross-governmental response to vehicle electrification— and worked closely with NJ TRANSIT to develop plans around bus fleet electrification.

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    Andrea De Candido

    Policy Officer
    Future Urban and Mobility Systems
    European Commission - DG RTD

    Since April 2022, Mr. Andrea DE CANDIDO is responsible for the Connected, Cooperative and Automated Mobility dossier in the frame of the Future Urban and Mobility Systems Unit of the Directorate General for Research & Innovation of the European Commission.
    Mr. De Candido first joined the Commission in 2013 in the Research Infrastructure Unit. In 2017 he moved to DG HOME where he became responsible for the Unit dealing with Research and Innovation in the civil security dimension.
    Before joining the EU Institutions Mr. De Candido had a 25 year long career in the Italian Army where he retired from in 2013 with the rank of Lt. Colonel.

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    Stefan Mengel

    Head of Division
    Electronics and autonomous Driving; Supercomputing
    Federal Ministry of Education and Research

    Dr. Stefan Mengel, Head of Division “Electronics and Autonomous Driving; Supercomputing” at the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, is together with his team responsible for Germany´s research programmes in microelectronics, high performance computing and the research part of the federal governments action plan on autonomous driving. He is co-chairman of the steering committee of the Japanese-German Research Cooperation on Connected and Automated Driving. He holds a doctoral degree in physics and graduated in elementary particle research.

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    Seigo Kuzumaki

    Program Director for SIP-adus
    Fellow, Advanced R&D and Engineering Company, Toyota Motor Corporation

    Mr. Seigo Kuzumaki was appointed Program Director for SIP Automated Driving Systems in 2016. He received his Ph. M. in Aeronautical Engineering from University of Kyoto in 1985. In his career at Toyota Corporation, he has had a leading role in strengthening vehicle safety performance since 2003. He was appointed Executive General Manager, Advanced R&D and Engineering Company in 2017 and assumed his current post in 2019.