SIP-adus Workshop 2022

Abstracts & Speakers List

Connected Vehicles
The use of connectivity for automated driving and Advanced Safe Driving Systems is being considered in each regions of the world, but it has not yet been put into full-scale practical use.
We will share trends regarding cooperative driving automation in each region and consider issues.


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    Masanori Misumi

    Principal Engineer
    Product Strategy Division
    Mazda Motor Corporation

    Misumi, Masanori is a Principal Engineer of Product Strategy Division at Mazda Motor Corporation and a member of international cooperation WG of SIP-adus since January 2022.

    He has been involved in the international standardization activities in recent years, including the current assignment as the chair of ISO/TC268 (Sustainable cities and communities)/SC2 (Sustainable mobility and transportation) since November 2021.

    He was also a convener of ISO/TC204 (Intelligent Transport Systems) /WG14 (Vehicle /Roadway warning and control systems) from 2013 until April 2020. During his tenure as the convener, ISO/TC204/WG14 published 15 international standards in the field of advanced driver assistance systems and automated driving systems.

    In 2019, he received the Minister of Economy Trade and Industry Award in Japan for the contribution to international standardization activities.


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    Martin Boehm

    Technical Director
    AustriaTech - Federal Agency for technological measures ltd.

    Martin Boehm is Technical Director at AustriaTech and has been with the company since 2006. For 25 years, he has been involved in the digitalisation of the mobility system from both a public and industrial perspective.
    His focus is on the areas of connected intelligent mobility systems, travel information systems and mobility as a service with a clear focus on the potential of digitalisation to make the mobility system more sustainable. His main expertise is bringing researchin the field of Intelligent Transport Systems and Services to real deployments. As General Secretary of the European C-Roads Platform he is aiming at harmonised and interoperable deployment of C-ITS services across Europe.
    Martin is nominated as expert for several European Platforms with regard to the implementation of the European ITS Directive. He is as well member of the European CEF Transport Advisory Committee.
    Martin holds a master in the field of Geography and a master in the field of Traffic Telematics Management.

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    Niels Peter Skov Andersen

    General Manager
    CEO Office
    CAR 2 CAR Communication Consortium

    Mr. Niels Peter Skov Andersen, General Manager for the Car-2-Car Communication Consortium has more than 25 years background in standardization. He is currently the chairman of ETSI TC ITS and has been an active industry expert in the EU C-ITS Deployment platform and EU CCAM platform. Before joining the Car-2-Car Communication Consortium he has long experience in taking new technologies through standardization to operational systems, as well as global coordination of standards. He was an industry participant in standardization of GSM, part of ETSI project team responsible for GSM phase 2, Chairing the ETSI SMG2 – ETSI’s lead GSM radio group - through the elaboration of GPRS, EDGE and 3G. When the successful global partnership project 3GPP for mobile standardization between ARIB, TTC, TTA, ATIS, CCSA and ETSI was created, Niels Peter Skov Andersen was elected the first chairman of the main plenary - TSG SA a position he held for 6 years. In addition when the remaining GSM work was transferred to 3GPP, he in addition was elected chairman for the TSG GERAN the group responsible for maintenance and evolution of the GSM based radio network. In addition to this he has been a member of the ETSI Board 2005-2020 and also for a 3 year period been member of the Board of directors the Open Mobile Alliance.
    In parallel to his standards engagement Mr. Niels Peter Andersen, before joining the Car-2-Car Communication Consortium has held senior position within the Mobile Industry, latest as Vice President of Standards and Technology Strategy at BlackBerry. Before that he was Vice President of Standards at Qualcomm and also in the past had senior positions at Motorola and Tele Denmark Mobile (now TDC) .

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    Bettina Erdem

    V2X radio frequencies and standardization
    Market & Business Entry Strategy
    Continental AG

    In 1998 graduated with master´s degree in mechanical and industrial engineering at Technical University Darmstadt, Germany.
    Since 2000 she works for Continental and focused on V2X topics since 2008.
    She is responsible for establishing the required radio spectrum, regulatory framework and standards for V2X -including connected automated driving- and therefore active in various associations and standardization bodies like World Radio Conference, ITU-R, CEPT, ACEA, CLEPA, VDA, 5GAA, CAR 2 CAR Communication Consortium, ETSI, European C-ITS-platform and Cooperative Connected and Automated Mobility platform of the European Commission.

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    John Kenney

    InfoTech Labs
    Toyota Motor North America
    The United States of America

    Dr. John Kenney is Director of Connected Mobility research and Sr. Principal Researcher at Toyota InfoTech Labs in Mountain View, California. His team develops vehicular communication and cybersecurity technologies as well as connected mobility services.
    Their research focuses on 5.9 GHz and Millimeter Wave V2X communication for safety and traffic efficiency, Cooperative Automated Driving, Edge Computing, Digital Twins, and Cybersecurity. His research focuses on channel congestion control, V2X performance, and spectrum sharing. He represents Toyota in international standards organizations and industry research consortia, including SAE, IEEE, ETSI and the Car2Car Communications Consortium. Prior to his work with Toyota, John was a member of the Tellabs Research Center and an Adjunct Professor at the University of Notre Dame. He has graduate degrees from Stanford and Notre Dame.

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    Yohei Iwashita

    Principal Engineer
    Technical Research Department
    Mazda Motor Corporation

    I joined Mazda Motor Corporation in 2000 and was working for the development of safe driving support systems with V2V technology. In 2013, I engaged in development the Advanced Safety Vehicle equipped with the world's first V2V communication between trams and automobiles, and we successfully accomplished the FOT in Hiroshima-city. After that, I have been working on research of human factors for HMI and driver monitoring of ADAS until 2021 and joined the SIP-adus project as an expert of connected vehicles since 2022.