SIP-adus Workshop 2022

Abstracts & Speakers List

Dynamic Map
This session is to share the world latest examples of dynamic contents distribution/exchange with Dynamic Map and the updates, and to discuss the direction for further international collaborations and the possibility for the utilization of latest technologies.


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    Satoru Nakajo

    Visiting Researcher
    Center for Spatial Information Science
    The University of Tokyo

    Visiting Researcher from 2017
    Project Associate Professor from 2012 to 2017
    Expert for ISO/TC204/ SWG3.3 Location Referencing
    A member of SIP-adus
    2012: Ph.D from the University of Tokyo
    2017: MBA from McGill University


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    András Csepinszky

    Steering Board
    Open AutoDrive Forum

    András is the director of Advanced Automotive Technology of NNG, a navigation software developer company based in Hungary.
    Since 2018 he is chairing the Traveler Information Services Association’s (TISA) Content and Services Committee and its Business Analysis Working Group and member of the Steering Board and acting as liaison officer to ISO TC204. He was elected co-chair of the SENSORIS Innovation Platform in 2020 and speaker of the Open AutoDrive Forum in 2021. He is also Steering Committee member of Navigation Data Standard Association. He and his unit at NNG is actively contributing to different standardization organizations such as ISO TC204 Intelligent Transport Systems, CEN TC278 Intelligent ransport Systems, ADASIS AISBL. He is active contributor and WP leader of several European co-funded projects such as ESRIUM and Hi-Drive.

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    Jean-Charles Pandazis

    ADASIS & SENSORIS coordinator
    Innovation & Deployment
    ERTICO - ITS Europe

    Joined ERTICO in 2009. He holds Master degrees in Electrical Engineering from the EPFL in Lausanne and Georgia Tech in Atlanta.
    He built his career at Bosch Corporate Research with focus on predictive navigation and Driver Assistance systems. At ERTICO he developed many activities related to digital maps and advanced driver assistance systems. Currently he is responsible on Clean Mobility topics as well as for overall ERTICO platforms' coordination. He is also from their launch the coordinator of the industry-driven platforms ADASIS and SENSORIS.

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    Jens Vogelgesang

    Vice Chairman
    NDS e.V.

    Born 1967, enter sup-company Robert-BOSCH-Data GmbH in 1996 which creates digital maps to be compiled for the first navigation systems of Blaupunkt (sub-company of BOSCH).
    In 2004 move to a development department within BOSCH Car Multimedia which was compiling digital maps (GDF-Format) into BOSCH propitiatory navigation data format. Since 2007 working with NDS Data within BOSCH in different areas and representing BOSCH in NDS technical committee. Since 2019 representing BOSCH in NDS e.V.

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    Yoshiaki Tsuda

    Chief Engineer
    Spatial Information Systems Engineering Section / Information Technology Systems Department

    SIP Phase 2 Field Operation Tests in the Tokyo Waterfront Area Working Group Chair man.
    ITS Info-communication Forum, ITS Platform WG Chair man.

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    Hiroyuki Inahata

    Dynamic Map Platform Co.,Ltd

    Brief History
    1980  Joined Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
    2007  Deputy General Manager, Kamakura Works, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
    2008  General Manager, Space Systems Division, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
    2013  Executive Vice President, Mitsubishi Space Software Co., Ltd.
    2015  President, Mitsubishi Space Software Co., Ltd.
    2019  President and Representative Director, Dynamic Map Platform Co., Ltd.
    2022  Chairman, Dynamic Map Platform Co., Ltd.