Field Operational Test Projects

FOT in the Tokyo Waterfront Area

4. Metropolitan expressways that connect Haneda Airport with Tokyo waterfront city area, etc. (including General roads)

(1) Outline

  • In order to expand the automated driving area on expressway only for vehicle, where Field Operational Tests (FOTs) were conducted in the first phase of SIP-adus, FOTs of the cooperative automated driving system (merger assistance, ETC toll gate navigator assistance) and impact assessments of the road traffic were conducted on the Tokyo metropolitan expressway.

(2) Example of FOTs technology (ETC gate / Merger-assistance information FOTs)


1-1. Distribution of traffic environment data through the Public Long Range Network (V2N)

1-2. Building a safety assurance environment in virtual space

2.Tokyo waterfront city area (General roads)

3.Haneda Airport Area (General roads)