Field Operational Test Projects

FOT in the Tokyo Waterfront Area

2. Tokyo waterfront city area (General roads)

(1) Outline

  • Field Operational Tests (FOTs) of the cooperative automated driving system were conducted utilizing signal data on the General roads in Tokyo’s Ariake/Odaiba area that has a mixed transportation environment with many intersections where ordinary vehicles, including those that are not automated-driving vehicles, co-exist with pedestrians and bicycles.
    Simultaneously, impact assessments of the road traffic were conducted.

(2) Example of FOT technology (signal data FOT)


1-1. Distribution of traffic environment data through the Public Long Range Network (V2N)

1-2. Building a safety assurance environment in virtual space

3.Haneda Airport Area (General roads)

4.Metropolitan expressways that connects Haneda Airport with Tokyo waterfront city area, etc. (including General roads)