SIP-adus Workshop 2020

Speakers List


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    Takashi Oguchi

    Advanced Mobility Research Center, Institute of Industrial Science
    The University of Tokyo

    Prof. Oguchi, born in Tokyo 1964, graduated Department of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, the University of Tokyo (UTokyo) in 1988 and got Ph.D from Graduate School of Engineering of UTokyo in 1993. After joining to Nissan Motor Co. Ltd., he moved to Tokyo Metropolitan University, and promoted to Professor in 2007. He moved to Institute of Industrial Science (IIS) of UTokyo in 2011 and assigned to director of Advanced Mobility Research Center (ITS Center) of IIS, UTokyo, in 2018. He is also a member of Mobility Innovation Collaborative Research Center (UTmobI) started in July 2018 in the university, and is in charge of education for the department of civil engineering at UTokyo. His major research field is Traffic Engineering and Traffic Management and Control including advanced traffic signal control, advanced highway network traffic management systems, integrated transport and mobility system design including automated vehicles, harmonized design of infrastructure facilities and hierarchical road transport system. He also serves as the chair of Business Promotion Working Group of Japanese national project SIP-adus (Cross-Ministerial Strategic Innovation Promotion Program in the Innovation of Automated Driving for Universal Services).


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    Yoshihiro Suda

    Director of UTmobI
    The University of Tokyo

    Yoshihiro SUDA is Professor of Institute of Industrial Science (IIS). He graduated from The University of Tokyo, Department of Mechanical Engineering in 1982 and got Doctoral Degree in 1987. After working as Associate professor of Hosei University and Guest Associate Professor of Queen’s University at Kingson, Canada, he is former Director of Advanced Mobility Research Center and Chiba Experiment of Station of IIS. He is Guest Professor of Tongji University and Yanshan University at China. His research area is dynamics and control engineering, human-machine interface, and their applications to railway vehicle automobile and new generation mobility. He has conducted many industry-academia collaborative projects with automobile and railway industries, and developed many practical outputs such as automated platoon truck system. He is a board member and executive vice president of JSAE, ITS Japan and charged committee member of Japanese Governments. He hosted many international conferences.

  • Keisuke Shimono

    Keisuke Shimono

    Project Research Associate
    Institute of Industrial Science
    The University of Tokyo

    Project Research Associate at Institute of Industrial Science (IIS), the University of Tokyo.
    He graduated department of mechanical engineering systems of Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology. Also, he received Dr. Eng. from Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology in 2014. He worked as Project researcher at IIS, the University of Tokyo, Project research associate at Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology and Researcher at Japan Automobile Research Institute. His major is mechanical dynamics and control.

  • Nadege Faul

    Nadège Faul

    Director - Large scale Experimentation projects

    Nadège FAUL, 56, is Director for the large-scale demonstration projects of connected and automated mobility in the VEDECOM Institute. Among other projects, she manages the operational coordination of SAM (Sécurité et Acceptabilité de la conduite et de la Mobilité autonome). SAM is a major French project, gathering 20 industrial and academic partners, aiming at demonstrating the safety, acceptability and the socio-economic impacts of automated mobility. Covering 19 experimental sites in 13 different locations, SAM is funded by the French programme EVRA, and is supporting the development of the National strategic roadmap for road automation. Beyond technical validations and user’s acceptance exploration, the project is also addressing major challenges, such as the integration in the urban environment, the impacts on local governance, or developing the common methodologies and approaches for stakeholders from various sectors (automotive, transport operators, urban logistic…). Nadège has been involved in various other projects, all exploring the diversity of challenges linked to automated mobility, both on national (EVAPS), or European level (ARCADE, SHOW, CoExist). She is graduated from Neoma Business School (Rouen, France), and has completed a 24 years career as a senior executive in the automotive industry (PSA Group), in activities linked to international development, dealer network management, customer satisfaction, or the management of innovation projects.

  • Henriette Cornet

    Henriette Cornet

    Senior Manager
    Knowledge & Innovation
    UITP-International Association of Public Transport

    Dr. Henriette Cornet is a Senior Manager at UITP (International Association of Public Transport) in Brussels, Belgium. She is Project Coordinator of the EU-funded project SHOW ‘Shared automation operating models for worldwide adoption’. She also participates to activities linked with Connected Cooperative Autonomous Mobility.
    She graduated from the Technical University of Troyes, France, as a Material Engineer in 2007. She received her doctoral degree from the Technical University of Munich in 2012. The topic of her PhD thesis was the development of a sustainability screening tool for decision-making assistance in the field of urban mobility.
    From 2011 to 2016, she worked as consultant for the automotive industry in Germany (BMW, Audi) within R&D projects about electro mobility and alternative fuels. She was also involved as project manager in several EU-funded projects about energy management.
    From 2017 to 2020, she worked in the research institute TUMCREATE in Singapore as Principal Investigator of the team “Design for Autonomous Mobility”. The team investigated human-centric methods for design of Autonomous Vehicles for public transport in Singapore.

  • Martin Russ

    Martin Russ

    Managing Director

    Martin Russ has been Managing Director of AustriaTech since 2011. He is the visionary heart of the company. Under his leadership, AustriaTech's areas of responsibility were expanded to include activities relating to "Automated and Clean Mobility". With the new structure of the ITS Austria the management will also act as Secretary General for the ITS Austria platform. Martin Russ studied Regional and Transportation Planning at Vienna Technical University and can look back on more than 25 years of expertise in the field of traffic planning and mobility technologies. He acts as chair of the European Network of ITS Associations, and co-chairs the topic of digital infrastructure within the trilateral WG on CAD. Since July 2019 he is part of the Mission Board for Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities within the Horizon Europe research program.

  • Timo Woopen

    Timo Woopen

    Manager Research Area
    Vehicle Intelligence & Automated Driving
    Institute for Automotive Engineering - RWTH Aachen University

    Timo Woopen is a research associate and PhD candidate at the Institute for Automotive Engineering (ika) of RWTH Aachen University. After he graduated in Aachen in 2016 with a M.Sc. degree in mechanical engineering, he joined the automated driving department of the ika. His main research topics are automated and connected vehicles together with infrastructural support. He supported local projects to build up an urban proving ground at the Aldenhoven Testing Center near Aachen. Since 2018, Timo Woopen is the overall project manager of the UNICARagil project. UNICARagil focuses on new disruptive modular architectures for agile and automated vehicle concepts and is funded by the german ministry of research and education with over 26 mio. Euros.
    Timo Woopen is leading the Research Area Vehicle Intelligence and Automated Driving of ika with currently 23 research associates sincne 2019.

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    Jeffrey Arch

    Senior Project Manager
    United States of America

    Jeffrey Arch is a senior project manager with the HNTB Corporation in the New Jersey (United States). Jeff possesses 36+ years of industry experience, and has served clients as a project manager and principal-in-charge on various engineering project throughout the country for the past 20 years in the fields of intelligent transportation systems (ITS), emerging technologies, connected vehicles (CV) – including the NYC CV Pilot Deployment Project - and automated vehicles (AV). His current automated vehicle work is being undertaken in the metropolitan New York City area, as well as California, Florida, and Illinois with clients looking at AV solutions to address transit and airport needs.

  • Richard Bishop

    Richard Bishop

    Principal, Automated Driving Strategy & Partnerships
    Bishop Consulting
    United States of America

    Bishop Consulting provides strategy and partnership development in the domain of intelligent, connected, and automated vehicles, advising automotive manufacturers, suppliers, and tech firms, as well as advising federal and state government agencies, the National Academy of Sciences, and government agencies overseas. Current clients include Outrider, Peloton Technology,, Robotic Research, NODAR, Transurban, Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, and Rijkswaterstaat. Mr. Bishop serves as 2nd Vice Chair of the American Trucking Association’s Automated Driving Study Group. He chairs the International Task Force on Vehicle Highway Automation, which will have its 22nd Annual Meeting this year. Prior to establishing Bishop Consulting in 1997, Mr. Bishop was Program Manager for Vehicle-Highway Automation at the USDOT Federal Highway Administration. He holds technical degrees from Auburn University and Johns Hopkins University, plus an M.A. Transformational Leadership and Social Change from Tai-Sophia Institute.

  • Momoko Hyodo

    Momoko Hyodo

    Market Initiation Department
    BOLDLY, Inc.

    Project manager of BOLDLY, Inc. recently working for deployment projects of autonomous shuttle in Tokyo/Osaka region.
    3 years of experience as a project assistant in the area of ADAS & CAV, at Applus IDIADA, Spain.
    BA in Political Science & Economics, Waseda University, Japan.